Okay, I’m about to break this down piece by piece. If you are one ho believes this I think that is fine. For you. I think beliefs are very personal and you can not state them as facts like this person has done. 

Being a clair, psychic or even just being able to communicate with spirits is not a gift from god in my opinion. Besides being a clair most of these things can be worked on and up to. You may never be good but you can do it. If it was a gift from god then there would not be groups filled with thousands of people who could all do this. If it was a gift from god you would not have to work for it as hard as we do. Now clairs are a gift but that is more along the lines of a genetic gift and not from “god”.

I mean, using god this way is even assuming everyone believes in the same god! From what I can tell, when I get messages from spirits, I am not conversing with god. Or at least not a singular god in any way. There are so many spirits out there that it would be ridiculous to assume I get the same spirit for each different person I read for.

I also do not have a moral obligation to a god I do not worship. Thats like telling me I have to listen to someone else’s parents and follow their rules even if I do not know them. Like, no.

“Stay far away from those who do not give reverence to god” Okay so like now I have to believe in the god that you say I have to or I am a fake? Sounds like you do not understand how this whole belief thing works. All in all, I suggest people stay away from people like this. But wait, there’s more!


So you already knew what you were saying was going to be offensive. So why even say it? You could have made your statement so much less rude if you would have said “this is what I believe”.

Why does there have to be a reason behind a gift you get? You could use this “gift” only for yourself for the rest of your life and that would be perfectly acceptable. Why force people to help others with a supposed “gift” against their will? I want a reader who wants to help me, not one that is forced to help me.

I do agree that some of us are born with a better aptitude towards things, I do agree that you need to practice every day but that doesn’t mean it was a gift from god. Here’s where I do not get it. If it’s a gift, why would everyone have it? It is not special or a gift if everyone is already born with one in my opinion.

If you have to tell someone how awesome you are, you probably are not as awesome as you say. Remember, special people do not have to talk about how special they are. And the last and final kicker, forcing your beliefs on others no matter what they believe because you are “right” and you know it. Rude.


I have been going through so much spiritually and physically. It makes me so sad right now.  I know its not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but I am just broken down.

I feel really alone and like I do not have anyone I can trust or confide in. I even have a person who was close to me and my partner who just does not like me. No matter how long he does not talk to us or isn’t around us he hates me.

I have worked so hard on being a better person. Being nicer, being less outspoken and it isn’t working, I need to just get right with me. I eel like the universe is slamming down on me to build me back up. If people do not like me based on who I was or based on the opinions of others maybe they were not meant to be in my life. i can not change them. I can not make it better. I can only make me better and I can only work on myself. This is my goal and its heartbreaking and shitty but it is what it is.

Musical Musings-Hallelujah

This blog post is literally about the song Hallelujah. this song has been so stuck to me. The first part, it says that your faith was strong but you needed proof.

YES but why, why did I need proof to believe in what I believed in? I mean don’t get me wrong I understand needing proof but at the same time this is faith. this is belief and until it is proven one way or the other I am going to study and learn and grow with my faith.

The next part that “sang” to me, see what I id there?, Anyways, the next part that really spoke to me was when he is talking about the woman on the roof. She was there bathing on the roof, I am pretending I do not recognize all these bible stories, that is who I want to embody. I want to be confident, I want to literally bathe on the roof in the moonlight.

She went on to cut his hair and essentially take this mans power away. How powerful, how strong. this is obviously not a “nice” thing to do but not all power is nice. I want to be strong. I want to be confidant and have intimate relationships with people like that. Have the choice to do that and know not to.

The next part is what I see as her downfall or essentially her needing another person. “I used to live alone before I knew you”. Do not ever need another person so much that they are all you have. That you become so tuck on them that you feel like something is missing. Always be a complete person. Never let someone take your power.

“But all Ive ever learned from love is how to shot somebody who outdrew ya”. I dont know why and I dont know what it means yet but god does that line just stick with me. Anyways, these have been my musical musings for the night


I’m not a doctor

It would be really nice if I was. I mean I could wear a fancy white coat and be super healthy and make lots of money…and I guess help people. Just kidding! I know doctors are way more valuable than that and I know they do what they love to do. they go to school for a very long time to learn the intricate natures of the body and how to fix things. 
This is why I am not a doctor. I do not have the skill, the time or the patience to go to medical school. For these reasons this is also why I will not answer medical questions. It’s not that I so not want to try, it’s that I literally can not bring myself to do it. Medical issues are very serious and though you should be using holistic medicine in my opinion, you should not be getting medical advice from anyone except a trained medical professional.  
Besides disrespecting doctors everywhere, I will not answer medical questions because I can be in ethical and even legal trouble. Say I tell you you are going to be fine in the future so you quit your medication and you die, that’s on me! Now legally and emotionally I have to deal with being a part of your death. Another situation is say I say your recent biopsy will be fine and it turns out it is not, that just makes me look horrible. 

All in all, medical questions are never worth the risk! 

Please don’t rush us

So, as a reader I am totally fine giving out free readings to people. As a professional and a wife, my paid clients and my household always come first. Anyways, I like to go on Facebook to a few groups and I’ll pick a group and post a thread. it usually looks like this:
“Hi ya’ll! I’m not super busy today so I can offer free one card pulls for people.
Please do me a favor and leave an open ended question below.
Just as a little aside, from doing this I have realized that most people either don’t read because they are in a rush or they have no idea what an open ended question is. Anyways, so I will post the above message and people will respond. This is great! This is exactly what I want! 
But then they will start to message me after ten minute or so if I have not gotten to them. This is rude for two reasons, one I didn’t say you could randomly message me, two you are assuming that you are more important than everyone else on that thread. That’s a good way to make me care less about puling your card. 
Now when this happens in paid readings it is even worse. I know you are wanting your questions answered. You care so much that you are willing to pay me so I pay special attention to just you. I take that very seriously and want to do my best. The issue is I can not focus or do my best if you are sending me one million messages while I am trying to read for you. It throws off my flow and concentration. That is a surefire way to ruin the reading for both of us. 

4 things NOT to ask your reader

A lot of my clients that I read for are new to having readings. They were either scared before or did not know anyone who read cards. Either way, they are now sitting across from me and wanting me to divine for them. I can do this, this is what i love to do, but here are four things that I hate to hear because these things usually make every reading more difficult.

Yes or no questions

Now do not get me wrong, the cards can answer yes or no questions. it is just so much harder. The cards want to tell you essentially a story, there are spreads and set ups, each cards spot means a different thing, each card has a story of its own. Limiting the cards to either “yes” or “no” limits the help I can give you. It is much easier to ask open ended questions. Ask the cards how you can fix a situation, what you should do to attain your goals, not if something will work out.

Medical advice

This is stupid for a very obvious reason, medical advice is difficult to answer if you were not rained in medicine. On top of that, medical issues can change rapidly. Could the cards answer a medical question? Sure. Do I want to put myself on the line for telling you medical advice without being a practicing doctor? Nope, no, not at all. This is dangerous territory for us both. For me, if something happens to you I not only feel guilty, I could wind up in jail. You could literally end up dead. So lets just stay away from medical questions and divination.

Asking about another person who is not present

Really just asking about another person in general is not super cool. When you get a card reading, I am connecting my energy to yours, I am connecting to your guides so they can give me messages for you. I am not connected to Johnny or Billy. I do not know their energy or their thoughts. I can read how they may be affecting you but I can not give you amazingly awesome advice. It is not that the readings are impossible, it is that they are less trustworthy. Also, your energy could be clouding my reading of them as well which is a whole other pot of coffee.

When exactly an event will happen

A lot of diviners are not psychics, and even if they are psychics, we can not tell you exact times and dates. I do not know if you will conceive a child this month. I can tell you that the cards say it looks good or bad but I can not guarantee any time frames ever. It is just not good business to try and do so. I could be getting a feeling that it will happen, then something you do may change the future events. This is because the future is not stagnant, it is always changing and fluctuating.

Being a Diviner and what that means to me

I am a witch and a diviner. More importantly than that though, I am a young woman and a wife. Sometimes people forget that an actual person is giving them their readings. They forget that it takes time and energy to devote to this lifestyle and profession. It usually takes a lot of energy to just read some people.

Anyways, I am a diviner. A diviner or spiritualist is a person who reads fortunes by different means for a living or hobby. We can interpret cards, like the tarot, we can do medium work, we can use a Ouija board or crystal ball. We can even cast stones or bones to read. It’s not always the future we talk about but sometimes the past and the present issues at hand that you need to deal with. I prefer to read Oracle cards and they like to point out your issues quickly and bluntly, which can sometimes be awkward for us both.

This blog is not to get views or likes, it is just to ramble on about what I experience as a witch, a woman and a Diviner.

Just to wrap it up I will tell you all a little about my background, I have always had a little bit of psychic phenomena happen since I was young. Some premonitions in dreams but I was more interested in the tools. I loved cards and symbols and meanings. I was scared away and forced to go to church for many years. Around 15 I got my first deck of cards. They didn’t connect with me but I loved them regardless and ended up gifting them later on to another. I have been seriously practicing and reading professionally for almost six years now but I truly started hen I was much younger.

It takes a lot of practice but it is worth it. it is fun and interesting to do. People always want readings and the cards do not care about religion or background. This is where my heart is, this is what I was meant to learn.