Bible Blog: Day 2

September 2, 2017

“He humbled himself” _Philippians 2:8

I know way more people than I would like to who need to read this message.  One thing that majorly puts me off Christianity is the ego of it’s followers. Now yes, I know that there are many amazing and wonderful people that follow the religion but we also see many who are more interested in saying they are Christian than walking the walk.

Jesus literally gave his own life on the cross for others. I do not expect people to go to that length of course but I do expect them to remember that and embody what that means. I’m looking at you Joel Osteen. It is the job of Christians to follow Christ, period. Your faith is not about you. Your spirituality is not about you. it’s about how you use it to help the world and others imo.


Bible Blog: Day 1

I am doing a 30 day bible blog challenge. i will be receiving bible quotes every morning and then blogging about how I feel about them as a person who is not christian. i will be talking about the good and the bad that I see in each quote.

September 1, 2017

“For the flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh”- Galatians 5:17

This seems to be the age old good vs evil fight. Nothing wrong with that at all. It appears that the bible goes on to say that as long as you have Jesus Christ as a savior than you will always be able to win the fight against Satan. They do comment that you will never fully get rid of Satan while you are in this body though. That seems to be true as even just looking at it as good vs evil, you are always tempted with things that you may view as wrong.

I think it’s nice that there is a sense of help. Explaining that you always have someone on your side even when you feel alone. I honestly do not really see anything wrong with this personally.

Why I own a Ouija Board

Do not be scared. I promise that I am not possessed and writing this for some demon. I am my normal human self and I am okay. Imagine that. A person who owns a Ouija board who is 100% okay. Do you know how this happened? It’s because Ouija boards are not scary. They are tools just like any other tool.

If you are a moron and you invite something to fuck with you, something will fuck with you. If you are nice and respectful the dead are the same. Boards can be wonderful tools for contacting the dead as can other tools. its all about your mindset and how yo act. Just like in mundane life.

What’s the difference?

I started my divination journey reading tarot cards. i picked up a Celtic tarot deck and I HATED it. HATED. IT.
There was no real reason I hated it, I thought it was a lovely deck and I really wanted to be good at it but alas, I hated it.

I then got my first Oracle deck from my spouse and I was in love. it was like i had been wearing the wrong size shoe for years and finally here is a pair that fits! I read for years with this same deck. it was a little light and fluffy but it served me very well and i truly did adore it.

So some people are wondering, “Well, what is the difference?”. So I will answer what the difference is to me personally. Other’s may fee differently and that’s totally cool with me. I don’t particularly care enough to be upset if someone disagrees. This is just how I feel and why one fits just slightly better than the other. we;=ll a lot better but whatever.

Tarot is a pretty old system of cartomancy. it is used in divination and its fun. it is made up of two sets essentially. There is the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Both have a specific number of cards and total the decks are almost always 78 cards. Tarot is a lot of structure and memory. Each card has a specific meaning and even new decks that come out stick pretty close to that with very small variations. To be able to read tarot well you need to have the basic meanings memorized. Then your intuition can pick up whatever else it needs to.  A lot of people claim that they read tarot purely intuitively but I would be surprised if they didn’t start with memorization to be honest.

Oracle cards are all different. There are no major or minor sets. There is not even a set number of cards. I have decks that have been 20 cards and i have seen decks go all the way up into the hundreds. Each deck has its own design and card meanings. Almost all oracle decks will have a word or phrase for you to work off of. This allows you a jumping point essentially but there is nothing else. I feel that oracle is more intuitive if you use them right.

Some people are just working with memorization and i do not feel that that makes them good readers but that’s another story coming soon.

Non-human Humans

There seem to be a lot of people out there in cyberspace that believe they are non-human humans. They can also be called otherkin. I’m going to be straight up and call this all bullshit.

Even if you believe in reincarnation, you are a human now. Your soul is human. You are not a cat in a persons body, you are not a dragon, angel, horse. You are here as a person. Every time I come across people who claim to not be human souls it’s always the most obvious egotistical ‘call me cool” ploy. Not once in my life have I come across someone who claims to be a slug or a worm or some other insignificant animal. it’s always horses or cats or wolves. I just recently ran into someone who claimed to be an angel of the highest order.

I find it so gross personally. Be YOU. Make this life as fantastic as you can. This comes across as nothing more than an attention grabbing display and its off putting and well makes you look crazy.


My Spirit Guides said So

So, as you all know, I read cards. I read a lot of cards over Facebook. It’s a quick and efficient way to promote myself to a lot of people. The bad thing is, not everyone believes that I should be paid for what i do. Even though I have put hundreds of dollars and hours into learning this skill.

I actually had a woman recently tell me that her spirit guides told her i would be compelled to give her a reading for free. I was not and I found this rather rude. i told her that she would not be getting a reading from me at all, let alone for free. She then went on to tell me that it’s okay if I really wanted to because she would let me. Well that’s really nice for you sugarplum but I really do not want to give you a reading at all.

She then kept telling me that her guides said i would and that we were sisters. No. Not only no but how manipulative can you be. i promptly told her I would not read for her at all and she could go and have a nice day. People try this stuff all the time and it is so rude. do not be one of these people.

Spiritualism to Me

Spiritualism is the belief that the spirits of the dead can and do still speak with the living.

Everyone may have different levels of this belief and may have their own views on it but most followers of spiritualism have this as a core belief.

So what does this mean to me? why do I believe this?

When I was younger, I had always felt the presence and seen spirits. it was terrifying. Coming from a pretty strict christian background, I was told that spirits are of Satan because all those who die either go to heaven or hell. I have always also had a spirit guide in the form of a cat with me.

I was terrified growing up that I was being haunted by demons or that I was bad because i had these different experiences and beliefs. I have also always been scared to be the “weird’ girl or called crazy. Now as an adult I do not really care.

I deal with spirits a lot not only in my spiritual practice but every so often in daily life. i will have my name called out when no one is home or even feel as if something is in the room with me at ties. And I am till a baby about it lol. I get scared and jump. That’s just life.

I do not feel that death is the ultimate end. Why would it be? We are energy. we are emotions and electricity. I just have had too many experiences where there jut as to be more. There has to be something. I love it

Meet the Spirits


As a spiritualist I believe that the spirit of the dead do move on to a different plane. I do not know if there is a heaven or a hell, all I know is that they can communicate with us even after death.

Having this as a belief has led me to attempt to communicate with them even more. i am also a Clair so that helps a little lol. Anyways, being in Mississippi I have the freedom to explore this side of myself without family interference. So I decided that I would go to a local “meet the spirits” event.

This event in particular was at a confederate house. Supposedly this place gets a lot of paranormal action. I went in as a skeptic. as someone who communicates with spirits from my own house, this seemed too hyped up. It tends to happen with people who do not have regular spirit interaction. That’s okay. It’s not a killer for me.

So I went to this and in a few rooms I had some normal experiences. Mostly heavy or sad energy, until we got to the cemetery. I know, woo woo cemetery nonsense. But not really. There was a tree there that I think may be some type of portal. Very electrified and abnormal looking and then there are the woods along the river.

So in my beliefs. Spirits can not cross moving water. So whatever spirits were in the cemetery could not get to the spirits in the house and vice versa. So the guide asked me to go over to the woods just to see what I felt. I walked over and it was heavy. I mean heavy in your chest, hard to breathe heavy.

I then just started to walk father to the right thinking maybe it would lighten up. It didn’t. I could feel something following me with it’s eyes. Like a watchdog almost. It wanted to make sure i did not enter those woods. i am assuming because the spirits were so heavy there. Anyways I kept walking and then something ran at me and I noped the hell out of there. that spirit was letting me know that I had walked too far and overstayed my welcome.

All in all it was a fun experience with some surprises but mostly a quiet night.

My CotD: August 22

This is my personal card of the day. I will be sharing what it means to be and how it applies to my life. I will always be using the “Pythia Botanica” Oracle deck by Leila and Olive.

Card drawn: Dahlia, Fate


This represents a twist of fate that only my spirit truly holds the power to unravel. I have choices ahead of me that will make permanent changes or temporary changes.

This really fits with everything that is going on right now both spiritually and physically. I m moving and starting over, I am worshiping a new god and I am making changes physically. I am ready for the steps ahead.



Okay, I’m about to break this down piece by piece. If you are one ho believes this I think that is fine. For you. I think beliefs are very personal and you can not state them as facts like this person has done. 

Being a clair, psychic or even just being able to communicate with spirits is not a gift from god in my opinion. Besides being a clair most of these things can be worked on and up to. You may never be good but you can do it. If it was a gift from god then there would not be groups filled with thousands of people who could all do this. If it was a gift from god you would not have to work for it as hard as we do. Now clairs are a gift but that is more along the lines of a genetic gift and not from “god”.

I mean, using god this way is even assuming everyone believes in the same god! From what I can tell, when I get messages from spirits, I am not conversing with god. Or at least not a singular god in any way. There are so many spirits out there that it would be ridiculous to assume I get the same spirit for each different person I read for.

I also do not have a moral obligation to a god I do not worship. Thats like telling me I have to listen to someone else’s parents and follow their rules even if I do not know them. Like, no.

“Stay far away from those who do not give reverence to god” Okay so like now I have to believe in the god that you say I have to or I am a fake? Sounds like you do not understand how this whole belief thing works. All in all, I suggest people stay away from people like this. But wait, there’s more!


So you already knew what you were saying was going to be offensive. So why even say it? You could have made your statement so much less rude if you would have said “this is what I believe”.

Why does there have to be a reason behind a gift you get? You could use this “gift” only for yourself for the rest of your life and that would be perfectly acceptable. Why force people to help others with a supposed “gift” against their will? I want a reader who wants to help me, not one that is forced to help me.

I do agree that some of us are born with a better aptitude towards things, I do agree that you need to practice every day but that doesn’t mean it was a gift from god. Here’s where I do not get it. If it’s a gift, why would everyone have it? It is not special or a gift if everyone is already born with one in my opinion.

If you have to tell someone how awesome you are, you probably are not as awesome as you say. Remember, special people do not have to talk about how special they are. And the last and final kicker, forcing your beliefs on others no matter what they believe because you are “right” and you know it. Rude.